The Little Island Collection

The Little Island Collection of miniature buildings and architecture of an Asian theme is a fascinating range of historic Peranakan (Straits-born Chinese) shop-houses, Malay houses, seaside bungalows, black-&-white' houses, religious and colonial buildings.

Some of the past recipients of our 'houses' range from the "King of Pop" Michael Jackson, the U.S. Secretary of State for Education, the Prince of Monaco, Prime Ministers and the Heads of States of many countries.

Here, we present a few of the works from our collection for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the small images to examine the details and fineness of our creations.

Each model comes with a signed "Title Deed" certifying its authenticity, and a handy pamphlet which gives you a glimpse of the lifestyle of the early occupants, as well as highlights some of its outstanding architectural and historical values.

Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall- CLICK TO ZOOM IN!

Victoria Theatre & Concert Hall
A fine example of Edwardian Baroque architecture, it was built in honour of the late Queen Victoria.

A truly magnificent reminder of old colonial Singapore, the 'Old Vic', as it is fondly called by some old-timers, is now home to the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and caters to drama, dance and musical performances. This model was produced in a limited edition of only 5,000 pieces.

Jalan Besar House
Standing at the corner of a major road, this three-storey shophouse is richly decorated with intricate plasterwork and colourful European wall tiles.

Grand looking balconies overlooking the roads were probably constructed for the evening ruminations of the former occupants.

Jalan Besar House - CLICK TO ZOOM IN!

Singapore River Collection - CLICK TO ZOOM IN!

Singapore River Collection
The Singapore River is steeped in the history and legends of Indian rajas, Sumatran princes, Siamese and Burmese raiders.

Since Raffles set foot on Singapore in 1819, shophouses and godowns of many architectural styles have sprouted along the river, with offices on the ground floor and living quarters for coolies and bosses on the upper floors.

Picturesque tongkangs (river boats), large motorised lighters with painted "eyes", ferried bales of pepper, spices, and rubber from ship to river bank, where tough coolies then carried these goods on their shoulders up and down the Indian style ghats.

Syed Alwi Road House
Distinct oval-shaped windows surrounded by elaborate bas-relief mouldings in the true Singapore Eclectic style. It stands in the crowded Jalan Besar area next to infamous streets where brothels still thrive.

Syed Alwi Road House - CLICK TO ZOOM IN!

Cable Road House - CLICK TO ZOOM IN! Cable Road House
Built by the British Civil Servants in the 1920s, this was one of the many 'black-and-white' houses with black painted, half-timbering and white plasterwork. Air wells, high ceilings, broad verandahs and overhangs ensured adequate ventilation and a cool interior.


Specially created for home or office interiors, The Little Island Collection has recently been extended with hand-painted 3D Wall Plaques. Each Little Island Wall Plaque is an outstandingly beautiful and detailed replica of the eclectic architectural facades of Singapore in the 20s and 30s.

Available in a choice of two wooden frames as well as styles, each Wall Plaque is designed to be displayed on walls, adding an elegant touch to the home or office. We present the Joo Chiat series here for your viewing pleasure. Just click on the small images below to take a closer look.

Joo Chiat Series - CLICK TO ZOOM IN!

Joo Chiat Series
This area in Singapore might have long remained under swaying coconut palms and fruit trees owned by the wealthy Arab Alsagoff family, if Chinese landowner Chew Joo Chiat had not acquired it, laid out roads and constructed rows of lovely terrace houses which still stand today.
Once bordered by picturesque kampongs (Malay villages) with musical names like Geylang Serai and Tanjong Katong, Joo Chiat boasts some of the finest examples of the Singapore eclectic style of architecture.

This happy marriage of Chinese and Western housing design is also called the Singapore Baroque.
Doric columns, western-style roofs, and brilliantly coloured wall tiles from Italy with flowers in relief, were wedded to Chinese facade panels depicting dragons and Chinese mythological animals which have no Western equivalent. All these elegant touches and more are captured in The Little Island 'Joo Chiat' series of Decorative Wall Plaques.

If you're interested in any of the items from our existing collections, please email or fax us your order. However, due to logistical reasons, we can only accept orders that are valued at a minimal sum of US$500.

Delivery (within 2 weeks) is free only within Singapore (and upon receipt of payment). For overseas orders, please add US$25 for airmail freight charge). Do Contact Us for further clarifications.

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