MiniaturesTimeless Pieces  Of Singapore Heritage


"We have been fortunate to witness how Singapore has evolved from a languid, colonial outpost to a modern, cosmopolitan city. We have enjoyed the security and economic stability of one cohesive, multi-racial society.

However, many of the old but charming facades in our cityscape are fast disappearing from our sight. It is indeed a high price to pay for modernisation and economic progress.

The folks at "Little Island" realise the importance of preserving this unique Singaporean heritage. Thus, with a touch of creative flair, the "Little Island" has turned many of the older buildings into miniatures for all to enjoy.

MiniatureIdeal as personal or corporate gifts, the "Little Island" miniature replicas are exquisitely designed and much sought by ordinary folks as well as prominent statesmen. They are popular too with companies that are looking for unique and exciting gift ideas such as property developers, architects, interior designers, MNCs and even the Government.

Remember, no two pieces are similiar as they are individually hand-painted by our master designers. We'll be pleased to discuss the possibility of customising something similiar for your organisation that you can truly be proud of. Be proud of our heritage for they don't build them like they used to anymore!

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